About Us

Founded in 2010 to help the under-privileged global youth of today become the future of tomorrow.


Just For Kidz (JFK) is a non-profit youth-run organization with the goal of supporting needy and under-privileged children worldwide through youth empowerment, activism, and service.

Each project term, JFK selects one under-recognized deserving youth-benefiting facility such as a children's orphanage, shelter home, or poverty-stricken school from a different part of the world and fundraises for a major specific project addressing their needs. Through events, fundraisers, grants, and corporate sponsorships, JFK hopes to both give a voice to the voiceless children in other parts of the world and advance children's human rights efforts across the globe. Through our regional chapters that commit to local service projects, we hope to facilitate direct positive change for youth in our immediate domestic communities. We hope to develop partnerships with local, regional, and national volunteer organizations to bolster their projects and foster a community of youth service leaders.

As youth who have experienced a life of abundance and privilege, we hope to give back and enhance the lives of underprivileges children across the globe with what we have and what we can do. Together.

Of the Kidz. By the Kidz. Just For Kidz.