About Us

Founded in 2010 to help the under-privileged global youth of today become the future of tomorrow.


Just For Kidz (JFK) is a youth-run national 501c(3) nonprofit organization on a mission to support marginalized, underprivileged children worldwide through grassroots service and advocacy while empowering and inspiring the next generation of youth to become active and engaged global citizens and leaders. Our unique approach involves partnering with local underserved community children's organizations such as orphanages, schools, and shelter homes and collaborating to facilitate long-term, impactful change for young people, by young people. Through events, fundraisers, grants, and corporate sponsorships, we hope to both give a voice to voiceless children everywhere and inspire youth to become active in their communities.

Our Mission involves 3 Main Principles, the Three Es:

  1. Equitability

    We strive for equal opportunities for all children.
  2. Enrichment

    We hope to enrich the lives of many youth here and abroad by both providing direct services and a platform to have their voice heard while raising awareness about key issues facing young people everywhere.
  3. Empowerment

    We work to empower the next generation of global leaders through education, service, and activism.

And here's how we do it:

  1. Serve

    Through service events, projects and programs we partner with under-recognized child-serving organizations and the local community at large to create short and long-term impact in the lives of children everywhere.
  2. Advocate

    Our advocacy and awareness events and campaigns educate the community on various children’s rights issues and elevate these issues to a global platform.
  3. Empower

    By youth and for youth, we empower youth everywhere to learn, give back to the community and become engaged activists and leaders.

Through our projects, we partner with under-recognized child-serving organizations here and abroad and fundraise or collect for major specific projects that create a long- term impact in the lives of children internationally. Thus far, we have fundraised $1,200 to change the asbestos roof that put about 200 orphans at risk of mesothelioma and heat stroke at Dheenabandu Ashram, in Walajapet, India. We fundraised $800 to provide a one-month supply of medication for the Tamil Nadu Spastic Society in Chennai, India. We ran clothing drives for an orphanage in Port Au Prince, Haiti. Currently, we are working to build a secondary school classroom (8th-12th grade) for over 700 orphans and poor children at Good Hope Orphanage in Arusha, Tanzania.

Our programs are long-term recurring projects specifically geared towards addressing children's needs in the United States. Along with programs, our regional chapters commit to local service projects in order to create a positive impact in immediate community.

Stack the Snacks is our first and newly launched program aimed at addressing youth food insecurity concerns by building in-classroom food pantries in America's poorest elementary schools. Recognizing that the program received widely positive feedback and that child food insecurity is an issue affecting most communities in the United States, our goal is to bring the program to St. Louis and New York City in 2018, and spread it to all major cities as we grow.

Of the Kidz. By the Kidz. Just For Kidz.