Get Involved

Contribute to the Just For Kidz movement.



We welcome all youth volunteers interested in making a positive impact in the world and facilitating kids around the world acheive their fullest potential! Fill out an application today to become an official volunteer and start fundraising and volunteering at fundraisers in your area! Use the green contact button below to the right to let us know you'd like to volunteer and we'll get back to you with more details.

Educate & Advocate

Fundraising and volunteering not really your thing? Educate yourself and others on global issues impacting children and children's rights violations across the globe. Advocate for change using your social media and tag us on Facebook (@jfkorg) and on Instagram (@jfkorg) and on Twitter (@just__for__kidz). We'd love to hear about what matters to you and why!

Start a Chapter

Sponsor a school chapter and encourage students in your school to get involved! Resources like Amnesty International and Child Right's Campaign can be used to educate students and make them aware of children's issues and children's human rights violations across the world! Use the green contact button below to the right to let us know you want to get started and we'll go from there.